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About Myrcludex B

Myrcludex B is a novel drug candidate for treatment of chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis delta, as well as potentially a range of inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Myrcludex B was originally developed by Professor Stephan Urban (University of Heidelberg, Germany). More...

About NTCP

Myrcludex B is the first drug in clinical development specifically targeting an important liver protein – NTCP, or sodium taurocholate co-transporting polypeptide. NTCP transports bile acids in the form of their sodium salts from portal blood into the liver and thus serves as an essential component of enterohepatic circulation. More...

Scientific Publications

MYR Pharma's scientific founders and collaborators have published numerous papers in top peer reviewed journals describing Myrcludex B mechanism of action and the results of preclinical and clinical development. Myrcludex B has been highlighted in many recent review articles as one of the leading drugs for the treatment of HBV and HDV. More...